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Epic Quest

Rogue Perfume

Rogue Perfume

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Amon was raised surviving on the streets of a giant city of Hamilton in Redolent Realm. Through the years he has mastered many skills; one of which has veiled him from those unsuspecting. After witnessing a fellow street friend ambushed and murdered, Amon now trails in the shadows of those who do wrong. His vindicated thirst will end when evil is completely vanquished.



Cloaked in Stealth is a fragrance that embodies the daring and adventurous spirit of a Rogue. The scent opens with a bright and invigorating burst of bergamot, which is complemented by the sweet and succulent scent of plum. The scent then takes a more daring turn with the inclusion of cognac, which adds a refined and sophisticated edge to the fragrance.

The heart notes of the scent feature the warm, spicy aroma of cardamom, which provides an alluring and intriguing element to the fragrance. This is then balanced by the rich, earthy scent of patchouli, which is swiftly grounding and sensual.

To complete the fragrance, Cloaked In Stealth concludes with notes of sandalwood and leather, which provide a sense of adventure and excitement to the scent. The sandalwood adds a warm, smooth, and woody element, while the leather provides a sense of ruggedness and intrigue.

Overall, Cloaked In Stealth is a fragrance that celebrates the daring and adventurous spirit of a Rogue. Its blend of sweet, spicy, and earthy notes make it a scent that is both complex and intriguing, while its inclusion of leather and sandalwood ensure that it is a fragrance that truly captures the essence of a stealthy Rogue. Whether you're planning your next heist or simply want to add a touch of daring to your everyday life, Cloaked In Stealth is the perfect fragrance to help you take on the world with confidence and style.

Rogue is a spicey and leathery fragrance best worn in the evening or as a cold weather fragrance with notes of... 


  • Cardamom represents the aromatic spice of stealth veiling a Rogue’s every footstep
  • Bergamot represents the disguise of the sweet, yet complex strike of duel blades
  • Cognac represents washing away any regrets this heartless thief swiftly departs with
  • Patchouli represents the earthy grave the Rogue escapes from  
  • Sandalwood represents a firm foundation to subtly tip-toe from roof-top to roof-top
  • Leather represents cloaked and shrouded skills, stealth and resourcefulness for a hidden attack
  • Plum represents the perseverance and hope, as well as, thriving in adverse circumstances

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