• About Us

    Hey, it's Byron - the founder of Epic Quest. Myself and the rest of the Epic Quest team welcome you to the Redolent Realm of Fantasy Fragrance! We hope to improve your “scents” of imagination with our RPG collection of unisex fragrances.

    Our vision is to make people’s lives more magically immersive with an olfactive art experience through our perfumes. This vision was born out of a need for myself to be more confident and presentable when I always struggled with both because of my severe anxiety growing up. I'm a musician, artist and entrepreneur, so this desire to create and produce subjective experiences for my audience has always been ever present. A lot of time is needed for these passions, but in order to be a husband, father and provide for my family, all of these personal passions easily get put on hold. I floated through multiple and very divergent career paths for several years from computer animation to industrial plant work to the Army to sales. I couldn’t quite find my niche other than realizing that what I was doing paid the bills, but I was left empty with no true passion or desire to stay firmly planted and completely satisfied with continuing down one path. However, I absolutely loved Dungeons & Dragons and anything fantasy related growing up with all the numerous and memorable characters from wizards with their magical spell-casting that warp reality to the mysterious druids and their powerful nature driven force all in a huge and beautifully imagined fantasy realm. What would a loyal and prestigious Paladin or a battle-worn Barbarian smell like? So, I figured, wouldn’t it be fascinating to put a scent you can wear into a fantasy inspired theme?

    These perfumes are meant to help mold that with an aim of increasing self-appeal and self-confidence, with a special allure of fantasy and D&D themes. I see this possible in the following ways:

    1) By turning your temple (body) into an aroma aura. Creating an atmosphere you love to be surrounded by builds so much appeal. It's you…the body God blessed you with. So, by making it smell like someone you would love spending time around, you're more likely to feel confident and happy. Now, granted, I’m sure quite a few of these fantasy characters wouldn’t smell very pleasant. However, these scents are not going to be mass-appealing like a typical designer fragrance, but more of an artfully conceptual and unique experience to charm your olfactive curiosity.

    2) Creating immersive experiences for the real world. This could be an evening with the one you love, a board game with friends, a dinner party, a gaming adventure with colleagues, or anything that delights you in a multi-sensory way.

    I'd love to know what your favorite fragrance is out of the many character classes of fantasy we offer. Let your epic quest guide you in this redolent realm of mystery and intrigue!
    Your Fellow Quester,
    ~Byron Crowfoot & The EQ Team


    - Founder/Perfumer -

    A native to Atlanta, GA and now residing in Baton Rouge, LA, Byron has had two obsessions in life... fantasy stories/games and fragrances. He has always been infatuated with anything fantasy related from D&D (Dungeons & Dragons) to Lord of The Rings to The Elder Scroll series because of the immersive storytelling and diversive characters. Fragrances from perfumes to scented anything sparks his curiousity and feeds his emotions. Combining these two loves has birthed Epic Quest... his passion he shares with you.


    - Artist/Creative Director -

    Born and Living in Wisconsin, Will has been drawing since he could hold a Crayon. His passion is art and being creative. At a young age he was introduced to the fantasy genre and fell in love with it. What really drove his dedication in becoming a fantasy artist was playing Dungeons & Dragons. Looking through the books, he desired to create art much like what was depicted from the D&D art. Epic Quest gave him that opportunity to become a professional fantasy artist.