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Epic Quest

Artificer Perfume

Artificer Perfume

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The passion for tinkering runs deep for Arno. He quickly became a hoarder for various metals and raw materials to build his inventions. This obsession of tinkering has given him quite the fame even far beyond his shop in the small village of Topa Town. Arno tiptoes across the boundaries of imagination crafting remarkable ideas that flirt with the highest bidder…both good and evil.



Arcane Conduit is an enthralling perfume inspired by the industrious and creative nature of a Gnome Artificer. This fragrance is a balanced blend of citrusy, sweet, smooth, musky and aromatic.

When this fragrance unfolds pink grapefruit sparkles out, giving it a bright and zesty quality that reflects the inventive and lively nature of a Gnome Artificer. The addition of violet adds a touch of floral sweetness, while mahogany & teakwood provide a warm and earthy base that evokes the essence of a Gnome's woodland workshop.

To capture the technical and creative side of a Gnome Artificer, styrax and Galaxolide have been constructed into this concoction. These notes have a complex and fascinating aroma that suggests precision and ingenuity. Together, they add a sense of sophistication and exceptionality to the fragrance.

Finally, tonka bean rounds out the blend with a subtle sweetness that adds a touch of warmth and charm. This note creates a sense of balance and harmony that reflects the artistic and imaginative side of a Gnome Artificer.

Overall, Arcane Conduit is an explosive, soapy-like, sparkle to the nose that embodies the essence of an Artificer. It is perfect for anyone who wants to add a touch of creativity and inventiveness to their uninspired life.

Artificer is a sweet, citrusy, musky fragrance that can be worn year round with the notes of...

  • Galaxolide represents fixating magic as a complex system waiting to be decoded and then harnessed
  • Mahogany & Teakwood represents the strong and deep woody notes found in a library of knowledge
  • Violet represents the gentle and natural sillage of experimentation and effect
  • Styrax represents crafting a potent elixir, inscribing a sigil of power and tinkering a temporary charm 
  • Pink Grapefruit represents evaporating the power into the air to conduct a current of energy 
  • Tonka Bean represents the sweet smell of a successful invention

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