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Epic Quest

Barbarian Perfume

Barbarian Perfume

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Brogg grew up in a mountain clan as the chieftain’s son in the Tekon Clan. Trained in melee fighting and keen marksmanship, he has impressed his elders and now leads hunts for supplying his clans needs with food and territory across Redolent Realm. His rage is a blessing for triumphs but can just as quickly become a curse which blinds his logic. The rugged terrain he resides in emulates his cold semblance of emotions towards those who wish to do harm.



Bloodstained Rage is a rich and smooth mixture of leathery and woodsy notes combined with a touch of pepper and an earthy facet that builds strength and confidence. This is a fragrance that captures the raw, untamed spirit of an Orc Barbarian. The scent is crafted with a wild blend of ingredients that embody the fierce and unrelenting nature of these powerful beings.

The fragrance opens with a bold and spicy burst of black pepper, which immediately awakens your senses and sets the tone for the powerful scent to come. The aroma of black pepper is complemented by the refreshing and floral notes of hedione, which add a touch of passion to the fragrance.

As the scent develops, the enveloping notes of Iso E Super and ambroxan emerge, providing a grey and intense backdrop to the perfume. The woody and aromatic smell of these notes perfectly captures the rugged and fierce nature of an Orc Barbarian.

At the base of Bloodstained Rage, the notes of patchouli, black agar, and leather come together to create a potent and animalic finish. These notes provide an earthy and musky undertone, which perfectly complements the fragrance's wild and untamed qualities.

Overall, Bloodstained Rage is a fragrance that is bold and unapologetic, embodying the strength and power of an Orc Barbarian. It's a fragrance that takes you on a war-torn journey to a world of strength and conquest, creating a unique and captivating scent that you'll want to wear when you're feeling particularly strong and confident.

Barbarian is a masculine leaning fragrance to be worn year-round or in the evening that has the following notes...


  • Black Pepper represents a powerful, masculine strength
  • Iso E Super represents surging to life during the chaos of combat giving superhuman strength and resilience
  • Patchouli represents a Barbarian’s dirty, rugged, and enduring journey  
  • Ambroxan represents enhancing keen instincts, primal physicality, and ferocious rage
  • Leather represents embracing an animalic nature
  • Black Agar represents the courage in the face of danger perfectly suited for adventuring
  • Hedione represents the Barbarian’s lust for vindication from a roiling reservoir of anger at a world full of pain

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