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Epic Quest

Cleric Perfume

Cleric Perfume

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Vonmor was apprenticed to a priestess to Under Rock in Mt. Dermerik when he was of age for several years. His vast knowledge about religion and its various rites has made him the most reliable Cleric in all of Redolent Realm. Vonmor travelled far across the lands, eventually becoming a priest for his church. His short stature is a far cry from his immense salubrious power.



Salubrious Divinity is a unique perfume inspired by the robust and mystical qualities of a Dwarven Cleric. This fragrance is a harmonious blend of herbal and resinous scents, that forge together to create an intricate and delightful, herbal potion.

At the opening of this fragrance is balsam fir, which gives it a woodsy, turpenic quality that evokes the essence of a Dwarven Cleric's natural mountain surroundings. The addition of sage and hyacinth adds a touch of freshness, while clarycet and Iso E Super create a slightly musky undertone that lingers on the skin.

To capture the spiritual and soothing side of Salubrious Divinity, myrrh and frankincense have been sculpted into the blend. These two notes have a rich history in spiritual practices and are often used in religious ceremonies. Together, they add a sense of mysticism to the fragrance and evoke the divine nature of a Cleric.

Overall, Salubrious Divinity is a distinctive and captivating scent that embodies the essence of a Dwarven Cleric. This is perfect for anyone who wants to add a touch of relaxation and charm to their everyday adventure.

Cleric is a woodsy, herbaceous fragrance with a floral undertone that can be worn year-round with notes of...


  • Balsam Fir represents the excellent tenacity against the cold
  • Frankincense represents an austere, yet pure and holy embodiment
  • Myrrh represents the healing and medicinal properties Clerics undertake
  • Sage represents purity and inner healing light
  • Hyacinth represents the new spring of life in which Clerics magically possess
  • Iso E Super represents the intermediary scent between the mortal world and the distant plains of the other side
  • Clarycet represents the herbal and natural medicine used by Clerics

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