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Epic Quest

Druid Perfume

Druid Perfume

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Ciara resides in the boglands of a deep forest to the north of Redolent Realm called Rooah Forest. The pale glimmer of light is barely seen through the dense, gnarled branches of the forest. Ciara prefers her female dryad form over being a shapeshifter. She overlooks her quiet, yet vast homelands and keeps nature’s order in check from all forms of evil threatening the life-giving landscape.



Heartbeat of Nature is a camphorous, earthy and almost animalic fragrance sprinkled with sweet, fruity notes to captivate an almost ever-changing whiff on the senses. Experience a blend of natural aromas, from lush, green fig to earthy vetiver. Rediscover yourself with the mysterious notes of cypress oil and hemlock, as the subtle sweetness of strawberry and labdanum awaken your senses.

Resonating on the top of this fragrance is fig, which gives it a fruity and fresh quality that reflects the natural, wilderness surroundings of a Drow Druid. The addition of cypress oil adds a touch of crispness, while hemlock provides a slight depth and inexplicable undertone.

To capture the magical side of a Drow Druid, strawberry and labdanum have been summoned into the blend. These two notes have a rich history in magical practices and are often used in incense and perfumes for their enchanting qualities. Together, they add a supernatural allure to the fragrance.

Finally, oakmoss and vetiver grow out the mixture with a subtle earthy and mossy aroma that evokes the essence of the forest. These notes create a sense of balance and harmony that reflects the grounded and natural side of a Druid.

Overall, Heartbeat of Nature is a unique and captivating fragrance that embodies the essence of this Dungeons & Dragons character. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to cultivate more charisma to their complex and diverse personality!

Druid is a damp, earthy and woodsy fragrance that can be worn year-round with notes of...


  • Cypress Oil represents the herbaceous life-bringing properties plants mysteriously evoke
  • Hemlock represents an added depth and intrigue changing the way everything is perceived
  • Oakmoss represents an earthy growth of nature
  • Fig represents the growth of new life as an extension of nature’s indomitable will
  • Labdanum represents the transition of nature’s terpenic resiliency to an animalic power
  • Strawberry represents shapeshifting; no single molecule makes up its characteristics
  • Vetiver represents the earthy roots like the starting point of life

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