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Epic Quest

Monk Perfume

Monk Perfume

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NALA YADANA (Variant Human)

Nala is a servant to the way of elemental power tributed from her clan at a young age. Nala's service to the Element Temple restored honor to her clan. She now is Headmaster and protects the temple and her clan in Redolent Realm from wicked forces. With her sharp reflexes and inner power channeled from the ki that radiates through her every fiber, defensive combat exudes from her presence.



Aura of Inner Light is a relaxing and smooth fragrance with a sweet aura that charms the olfactive senses creating a subtle power and smooth flow of velvety fragrant beauty. 

The scent of Aura of Inner Light is a mesmerizing and spiritual fragrance that pays homage to the peaceful and meditative lifestyle of a Monk. The scent is crafted with a ying-yang blend of natural and synthetic ingredients to evoke a sense of tranquility and inner peace with a powerful aroma aura.

Aura of Inner Light opens with a refreshing burst of bamboo, which instantly transports you to a serene bamboo forest. The calming and woody aroma of bamboo is complemented by the subtle sweetness of sugar, creating a delicate balance between the fresh and the sweet.

As the scent develops into a deeper trance, the notes of black tea and sandalwood emerge, adding depth and richness to the fragrance. The aroma of black tea is warm and soothing, while sandalwood adds a creamy and smooth texture to the perfume.

At the base of Aura of Inner Light, the notes of Iso E Super, Velvione, and cashmeran harmonize together to create a pleasant and long-lasting finish. These notes provide a woodsy and musky undertone, which perfectly complements the fragrance's spiritual and serene qualities.

Overall, Aura of Inner Light is a fragrance that is both calming and uplifting, taking you on a journey to a peaceful and meditative realm. It's a fragrance that brings the essence of a Monk's lifestyle to life, creating a beautifully, peaceful scent that you'll want to wear to bring balance to a hectic day.

Monk is a sweet and calming fragrance that can be worn year-round with notes of...


  • Black Tea represents the isolation a Monk goes through to focus on a bigger mission
  • Cashmeran represents balancing the complex and soft nature a Monk embodies
  • Bamboo represents subtle focus of resilient defensive ability and speed
  • Sandalwood represents the carrier and balance of physical power
  • Iso E Super represents the magical harness of powerful energy that flows throughout the body
  • Sugar represents the sweet surrounding flow of ki that creates magical effects to exceed the body’s physical capabilities
  • Velvione represents the long-lasting loyalty and passion

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