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Epic Quest

Paladin Perfume

Paladin Perfume

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Malthus joined the Paladin Guild at an extremely young age and eventually found himself an acolyte in the Order of the Law with years of discipline and a pursuit of justice. He eventually became a mature Paladin and has spent his life following the ways of light in the gold-paved streets of Centra. The cadence battle of Malthus’ defense is equally offensive to those who are a danger to Redolent Realm’s principles.



Oath of Formality is a refined and uplifting perfume inspired by the noble and courageous nature of a Paladin. This is a fresh and musky fragrance that is light, yet powerful.

This clean fragrance opens with lavender, which gives it a fresh and calming quality that reflects the compassionate and protective nature of a Paladin. The addition of Iso E Super adds a touch of woody sweetness, while white musk provides a subtle powdery undertone.

To capture the noble and virtuous side of a Paladin, Exaltolide and ambergris have been incorporated in the blend. These notes have a rich history in perfumery and are often used to convey a sense of nobility and prestige. Together, they add a feeling of refinement and dignity to Oath of Formality.

Finally, sandalwood and frankincense hold this profile together with a subtle woody and resinous aroma that evokes the essence of the divine. These notes create a perception of balance and harmony that reflects the spiritual and holy side of a Paladin.

Overall, Oath of Formality is a brilliant and inspiring fragrance that embodies the essence of a loyal Paladin. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to boldly stand out with nobility and grace. 

Paladin is a musky and fresh fragrance that should be worn during warm weather or a daytime fragrance with notes of...


  • Lavender represents the rolling hills of victory over unlawfulness
  • Ambergris represents the sweat of a devout warrior in battle
  • White Musk represents the clean, smooth and swift swing of a weapon in combat
  • Exaltolide represents the exalted oath of a blessed champion
  • Frankincense represents the blessing and honor to fulfill a vow
  • Sandalwood represents the driving, strong and persistent will of a Paladin
  • Iso E Super represents imparting fullness and subtle strength

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