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Epic Quest

Ranger Perfume

Ranger Perfume

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Born into an ancient line of forest guardians, Faeryl has devoted to protect her woodlands in Moon Meadow from an ongoing conflict of unspeakable horrors. Born a natural, Faeryl has become a cherished member in the ancient woodlands of Redolent Realm where tall, arching trees whisper long forgotten tales of old and woodland creatures inhabit the secret nooks of the forest.



Fringe Guardian is a fragrance that captures the spirit of a Wood Elf Ranger, roaming through the forest with a keen sense of adventure and an unbreakable bond with the natural world. The scent opens with a crisp, refreshing burst of spearmint, evocative of the cool morning air in the forest. This is complemented by the aquatic, fresh scent of calone, which transports the wearer to the banks of a clear woodland stream.

As the fragrance settles, the heart notes of suede, lavender, and honeysuckle start to bloom into the fore. The suede adds a soft, sensual touch to the scent, while the lavender and honeysuckle provide a delicate floral element, evocative of the beautiful blooms found throughout the forest.

To complete the fragrance, the scent is then rounded out with notes of orris and cedarwood, providing a sense of depth and richness to the scent. The woody, aromatic cedarwood is balanced by the smooth and refined scent of orris, creating a complex and intriguing olfactory experience.

Overall, Fringe Guardian is a fragrance that celebrates the majesty of a mesmerizing forest, embodying the adventurous and free-spirited nature of a Wood Elf Ranger. Its blend of fresh, woody, and floral notes make it the perfect fragrance for those who seek a connection with nature, while its rich complexity ensures it can be enjoyed by all.

Ranger is a fresh, leathery, floral fragrance that should be worn in warm weather or as a daytime fragrance with notes of... 


  • Spearmint represents a sharp and clear aim of a bow
  • Calone represents the flow of a swift arrow
  • Orris represents a smooth, yet tenacious semblance of a Wood Elf
  • Cedarwood represents the aromatic and camphoraceous forest
  • Suede represents the well-worn quiver that holds the arrows of defense
  • Lavender represents the hunting fields in which the Ranger treks
  • Honeysuckle represents the sweet-surrender the enemy senses before the Ranger tracks them down

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