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Epic Quest

Wizard Perfume

Wizard Perfume

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Now of old age, Xander has been long mastered in his magics. He has trekked across the hidden corners of Redolent Realm for new enchantments to study. Xander’s lit pipe with vanilla tobacco and his trusty magical staff both stay aglow and ever present on his many journeys of high adventure. The old spirits of trees in his homeland of Sunfield Valley yearn for his return, but a wizard is neither early nor late.



Enchanted Staff is a mystical fragrance that captures the essence of a wizard's spellbinding presence. Smooth vanilla and aromatic ambroxan intertwine to create a warm, sweet aroma that is both comforting and enchanting. The alluring fragrance is then balanced by the earthy notes of ambrette, guaiac wood, and oakwood, providing a grounding effect that brings a sense of stability to the scent.

The fragrance is then elevated by the inclusion of tobacco, which provides a rich, smoky aroma, evocative of smoldering thoughts and knowledge in a wizard's library. To complete the binding experience, Enchanted Staff is enriched with kephalis, which adds a subtle yet magically, rich and warm nuance to the scent.

Overall, Enchanted Staff is a captivating and complex scent that speaks to the inner wizard in all of us. Its blend of sweet and woodsy notes provides an intriguing contrast that keeps the fragrance both inviting and mysterious. Whether you're casting spells or simply looking to enchant those around you, Enchanted Staff is the perfect fragrance to help you conjure up a little bit of aroma magic. Dare to be enchanted with this entrancing aroma, and "scents" the magical energy it radiates!

Wizard is a sweet and woodsy fragrance best worn in the evening or as a cold weather fragrance with notes of...


  • Ethyl & Bourbon Vanilla represents the warmth and sweet smell in a wizard’s pipe weed
  • Guaiac Wood represents a firm foundation for wizardry
  • Ambroxan represents harmonizing and drifting through the ethereal facets of wizardry
  • Ambrette represents a clean, musky enchantment
  • Tobacco represents a wizard’s fixation to masterfully spell-craft
  • Oakwood represents the strong support of powers in an enchanted staff
  • Kephalis represents the magical blending in wizardry

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